best comic book artists for hire | comic book art | comic book illustrator for hire | graphic novel illustrators comes from the founder of; world's no. 1 screenplay service, with a state of the art 3D animation studio, employing 30 trained animators and artists, and is the best option if you are looking for comic book artists for hire.


  • Flexibility of illustration styles
  • Experienced illustration artists
  • Option of corrections and changes
  • Fast delivery
  • Deadline bound
  • Adherence to script

Fee structure

Black and white comic book art: $20 per frame.

Total fee depends on the total number of frames. If a page has 6 frames, a page costs $120; and if a page has 8 frames, it costs $160 per page.

If the total fee is above $1,000, you can go for installment-payment.

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